Spiritual and Wellness Programs

Meditation and Retreats are prolific in the Himalayan kingdom especially amongst members of the monastic body and lay devout followers of the dharma. Ranging from years amongst the senior and serious practitioners, they generally undertake retreats and meditations in isolated and treacherous terrain far away from civilization. Bhutan is the poster child for such contemplative moods and landscapes and unsurprisingly most of Bhutan’s most prominent Buddhist masters and teachers have undergone several retreats and meditations throughout their lives, similarly our own meditation programs range from yoga lessons, and meditation sessions to meditation and retreats not unfamiliar from those experienced by monk folk. The thin mountain air and pristine surroundings evoke a serene and welcoming atmosphere for the activity. Our creative team at ARA BHUTAN TRAVEL & TOURS are competent to create the perfect mood and atmosphere for engaging in meditative and more challenging retreats. Hot stone baths with medicinal healing properties are often arranged at residing hotels and offer a relaxing way to end or start a busy day. Bhutan’s rich flora also includes a wide array of plant species with medicinal value and Thimphu city has a hospital for traditional medicine, which is manned by Doctors trained specially to administer such processes and treatment. The said hospital treats and dispenses medicines to many locals and has firmly established the presence and efficacy of indigenous or herbal treatments in Bhutan. Cordyceps a rare species of fungus (mushroom) widely used both in clinical medicine and as a household remedy is found in Bhutan. It is also considered a potent at strengthening lung and kidneys, increasing energy and vitality, stopping hemorrhage, decreasing phlegm, and as an overall tonic. Cordyceps trade is an important and lucrative moneymaker for nomadic herders residing in the mountainside.