Weddings and Special Occasions

Bhutan has served as the backdrop for many couples celebrating their marriages. The pristine Himalayan environment provides a fairy tail like setting for couples renewing their vows or starting their lives together. We also perform the traditional rituals and ceremonies for couples who are searching for spiritual and ingenious ways of commemorating their relationship. Bhutanese weddings generally precede a religious ceremony, which is the most auspicious and important part of any Bhutanese marriage.

Special Interest Activities

Special interest activities include site visits to academic institutes and tours of industrial or economic zone areas, attending local seminars and conferences on varying topics and themes of interest. Special interest also covers any areas of interest proposed by our guests. Other requests have included participating in local sports meets, marathons, tournaments, volunteering to feed monks and old and infirm denizens. Farm stay visits can also be arranged at suitable village farmhouses, tourists can also witness rice cultivation and participate in the process and similar field related exercises of traditional importance.