Culture Program

Bhutan is a living museum of Mahayana Buddhism traditions and cultural heritage, the entire country is a testament to a country’s triumph to preserve and celebrate the rich Himalayan culture, which was once coursing through kingdoms of Sikkim, Ladakh and Tibet. Nestled amidst the Eastern Himalayas, the behemoth mountains and narrow valleys and pristine rivers, which run through them contain many symbols and icons of Buddhism, Temples and Stupas and Prayer Flags are in abundance on the surroundings.

The erstwhile Buddhist Saints and Masters who are paramount in Bhutan’s history have left indelible influences on the natural environment, whether to mark treasures or the conquest of demons, every hillock, stone, lake or landscape has a story, rife with tales of victory of Buddhist Dharma over supernatural forces. Fortresses, which were administrative and religious centers loom large in all districts or Dzongkhags built on sacred grounds usually perched on impressive hillocks which also used to serve the purpose of watchtowers. Similarly traditional architecture is still kept alive by laws which mandate adherence to traditional rules and designs in construction of homes and structures in general. All buildings must be constructed with multicolored wood frontages, small arched windows, and sloping roofs. The myriad temples and monasteries house and display beautiful paintings and artifacts, each unique and attractive in their own different histories and location. Bhutanese culture and traditions can be further sampled in the well kept museums, handicraft schools, holistic medicine institutes and lest of all the splendid untouched environment which holds and possess some of the most precious and sacred treasures of Bhutanese culture and religion.