Adventure Programs

It is irresistible that Bhutan is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts, cycling has picked up greatly due to the promotion and encouragement of the government and also popular ground movement from the people who view cycling as a healthy alternative of transportation. Cycling is an idyllic way to spend a morning or afternoon as the narrow valleys afford plenty of hillocks and slopes to ascend, for more challenging routes, cyclists can cover the distances between the one town to the next or from district to the district. Winding Mountain bends and roads provide adrenaline-pumping journeys against a backdrop of thick forests and snow capped mountains.

Kayaking and rafting also are available on the pristine glacier fed rivers, which run through and across the valleys and finally empty out to the Brahmaputra in India. Rock climbing and trekking are popular sports, which are in sync with the varying gradients in altitudes and locations provided within Bhutan’s tiny space packed with diverse environmental conditions and elevations.

Trekking Programs

Whether you are looking for laborious 31 day treks or leisurely picturesque expeditions or are searching for pristine lakes or larger than life glaciers or endangered species, Bhutan’s Himalayan region enfolds all these extraordinary elements and more. We offer more than a dozen different treks ranging in their length and difficulty, depending upon your motivation and expectations. The 6-day Druk Path Trek is the most popular trek as it encompasses stunning natural landscapes of pine forests and high ridges. The most notorious trek is the Snow mans trek, which traverses the most treacherous ascents and passes through remote ethnic communities not accessible to the normal soul. As long as we know your intentions and preparations, we can help you plan a suitable and unforgettable trekking experience.

Please keep in mind that some treks can be undertaken only during certain weather conditions, thus prior inquiry is advisable to avoid disappointment and inconvenience. Please email us or check our website for the full list of treks offered.

Bird Watching Programs

There are over 670 species of birds recorded in Bhutan. There are some winter migrants, partial migrants, vulnerable birds and many species of birds, which are in danger of extinction. Some of the endangered bird species include the rarest in the world like the Imperial Heron and the rare Black Necked Crane.

The list of endangered birds in Bhutan include Baers Pochard, Baer’s Pochard, Beautiful Nuthatch, Black- necked Stork, Blackish-breasted Babbler, Blyth’s Kingfisher, Chestnut-breasted Partridge, Dark-rumped Swift, Eurasian Curlew, Eurasian Peregrine Falcon, Ferruginous Duck, DuckGray-crowned Prinia, Great Hornbill, Lesser Fish-eagle, Palla’s Fish-eagle, Pallid Harrier, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Rufous-throated Wren-babbler, Satyr Tragopan, Ward’s Trogon, White-rumped Vulture, White-throated Bushcat, Woodsnipe, Yellow-rumped Honeyguide, Black-necked Crane, Imperial Heron, White-bellied Heron.

Flora and Fuana Programs

60% of Bhutan’s total area is designated as protected areas. This strong conservation culture is traced to the strong Buddhist influence and Governments recognition of conservation and preservation of the environment in the Constitution of the country. Bhutan’s biological diversity can be attributed to the varied altitudinal and climatic conditions in the country More than 60% of the common plant species found in the Eastern Himalayas is found inside Bhutan, including 46 species of Rhododendrons and over 300 types of medicinal plants. Junipers, Magnolias, Orchids, Blue Poppies (the national flower), Edelweiss, Gentian, various medicinal herbs, Daphne, Giant Rhubarb, Pine and Oak trees are among the plants commonly found.