We founded this company to realize our own aspirations of traveling around the globe and within Bhutan. By virtue of being daughters of diplomats, we have had plenty of opportunities to live abroad, later on for education, business, and pleasure. We have lived and travelled extensively in continents of South and North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. During our childhood and teens we lived in Bhutan intermittently, however since we were amongst the few representatives of Bhutan in our respective schools and universities we were almost always the key or lead authority on Bhutan.

Most of our university years coincided with Bhutan's vast socio-eco and political developments, which subsequently culminated in ushering in parliamentary democracy in 2008. There was a great deal of curiosity about our country and they were particularly interested in learning about our holistic development concept of Gross National Happiness. Therefore it was the most prudent decision for us to thoroughly immerse and educate ourselves on Bhutan.

We both moved back permanently to Bhutan after pursuing professional studies in Law and Development Studies.

My sister Nawang Eden has made several treks across the country including excursions to the elusive Laya and Lingshi nomadic communities as well as the Jomalhari trek to name a few. Similarly we have travelled extensively in the country, being exposed and learning the ways of our aesthetic, cultural and environmental diversity.

Even though our academic training has created specific career niches, it was irresistible and visceral that we chose this path instead. We sincerely believe that traveling is the best way to see life and we are always ecstatic to help initiate this journey! We at ARA Bhutan Travels & Tours would like to invite you to take your first steps into Bhutan with us, we are well informed and aware of what appeals to the restless and curious soul and take special pains and efforts to tailor your requests and general expectations into a comprehensive and fulfilling itinerary and stay.